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Does it cost anything to join the Mailing List or the Forum?

Absolutely not, it's free. You can join with Facebook, Google, or your E-mail. You can change your name to whatever you want when you join with any of the 3 options. You could also stay anonymous, should you wish only to view the Forum and not partake in the discussions. 

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What is the Next Level Share Selection Program?

The Next Level Share Selection Program has been developed over many years and is revolutionary in its approach to selecting shares or assets for trading.

It is extremely complex in selecting an asset and calculating an entry and exit point for each asset.

Just Next Level has sole access to this program and uses it to manage its Darwins on the Darwinex platform.

Read more on the Inner workings of this program here.

Please explain what a Darwin is?

Around 3000 of the best traders in the world compete to manage a portion of 45Million Euros and Millions of Investors' Capital. 

Traders create a trading strategy and trades according to this strategy. After 31 days of trading, he is eligible to register his trading strategy as a Darwin for Investors to invest in.

Investors Invest in these Trading Strategy Assets, called a Darwin, and their funds mimic the trades done by these Darwins.

Darwins have 3 Letter tickers (for instance QAJ, QXS, or QCD), very much like Stocks on the Stock Exchange. There are about 3600 Darwins to Invest in and they are traded on the Dawinex Exchange.

 How do I Invest in one of the Perfect Portfolios or "Darwins"?

Firstly you need to open an account with our broker, Darwinex, to access the leading-edge platform that gives you access to thousands of trading strategies or "Darwins" to invest in. On the open account page select "Invest in Traders".

Secondly you would need to add funds to your account or wallet", (minimum $500 deposit) 

All Darwins has a 3 letter code ticker like a share on an exchange. You will then search for one of the Darwins you wish to invest in on this page.

Our first 2 Darwins will be available for Investment at the end of June 2020 so watch out for these.

We currently have 2 (NYSE and Nasdaq) Stock Darwins QAJ and QSH.

There are 2 Forex Darwins (QWB and QMW)

When you find the Darwin you wish to invest in, just select the "trade" button on the right-hand side, select the amount you wish to allocate to that Darwin, and Voila, you are invested in that Darwin from that time. 200 Euros are the the minimum to invest in a Darwin.

You can monitor your progress on this page.

Are my funds protected on Darwinex?

Yes, Darwinex provides free supplementary Insurance and Protection for clients up to a total of GBP 500,000 versus the standard protection by most brokers of just GBP 85,000.

They are regulated by the FCA.

Can I invest in more than one Darwin?

Yes, you can invest in as many as you want. The minimum amount to invest in each Darwin is $200. If you have a $1000 in your account you can allocate $200 to 5 different Darwins or select 2 and Invest $500 in each, it's all up to you.

What if I am not happy with a Darwin's performance and want to change?

It is as easy as clicking buttons. You can simply sell the Darwin you wish to end and click trade on the new darwin you wish to Invest in. There are no contracts to be ended or the opening of a new agreement with another trader. The Investor has the choice of how much and where he wants to invest his money.

What is the minimum amount you can invest in a Darwin?

The minimum amount to allocate to any Darwin is $200 or 200 Euros. Remember that the minimum deposit to your Darwinex account is $500 or 500 Euros. 

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What commission do I pay for positive returns?

The commission is set at 20% of positive returns. 15% is allocated to the trader and 5% to Darwinex. You only pay a commission if the highest value (High Water Mark) has been exceeded in the next period. Commissions are paid on a 3 monthly basis. Read more here

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What is the 3 Month Challenge?

The 3-month Challenge was created on a public forum (from 12 Feb 2020 to 15 May 2020) to show how good the Next Level Share Selection Program really works. 

Two portfolios were created. One to outperform the JSE Top40 and one to underperform the Top40.

The results of the 3-month challenge have really separated this program from anything you can compare it to. There isn't anything remotely as good in selecting and trading in assets as this program.

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Comment on our Program

 On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 12:31 PM (Name Removed)> wrote:

Hi Quintin,

I hope all is well with you and the family. I checked the account today and it's unbelievable.  I'm really grateful for all your help and managing the portfolio. The Sasol call was just brilliant. Thank you so much I don't know what else to say.

Managed Fund Client

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 8:46 PM (Name Removed) > wrote:

Hi Quintin,

Looks like this program is really impressive and the current holdings are unbelievable. With the markets dropping like crazy I was expecting it to take a few months or a year to get back to 600K let alone 700K but you've pulled out some miracles over the past few weeks.

I've got my offshore trading account setup and I've got some funds to trade so if you have any program or anything that we can look at let me know.

Managed Fund Client


Things you need to know before Investing

Helping our Clients not fall into the same traps as a lot of Investors do.

Knowing who to trust

Brokers are not always on your side

If you believe that your broker has your best interest at heart....think again. If you have some time, watch this 2 hour seminar of a world-renowned trader giving insights on what the trading/investing world is all about.

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